Favorite Resources for Runners

When I started running back in the Fall of 2011, I really didn’t know a thing about the sport.  As my mileage increased, so did my appreciation for running, and I began soaking up all the information I could find on the subject.  Today I’d like to share some of my favorite running related resources which have taught me so much about being a happy, healthy runner!

favorite resources for runners

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Favorite Running Books

Run Like A Mother was the first book on running I’d ever read.  It was recommended to me by a friend of mine who had just made her start as a “mother runner”.  I loved that this book was geared specifically toward me as not only a woman, but also as a mom!  This book covers all the practical, physical aspects of running, but also the mental and motivational factors. I think this book could be a stand-alone guide for anyone who wants to start running as it teaches the most important details in a humorous, easily digestible fashion.

Train Like A Mother is the second book put out by McDowell and Shea. This book focuses more on training for and running races. It includes beginner and advanced training plans for 5k, 10k, half-marathon, and marathon distances. If you’ve been bitten by the running bug and want to run races, this book will enlighten you on all aspects of that endeavor.

Favorite Running Podcasts

Listening to podcasts while I’m running is my favorite way to distract my mind! It’s such a great way to learn about things I’m interested in. Multi-tasking at it’s finest!

The Another Mother Runner podcast is very entertaining and informative! It’s produced by the same ladies who wrote Run Like A Mother and Train Like A Mother. They’ve got a good thing going here! They have lots of guests on the show and they discuss a wide range of topics, covering all areas that women runners would need to know about.

If you run a lot, you can burn through podcast episodes pretty fast. After checking around, I was introduced to another fantastic running-related podcast that I highly recommend.

The Marathon Training Academy podcast is excellent! This one is produced by Trevor and Angie Spencer, a husband and wife duo.  Angie is a ‘Type-A’ personality nurse/running coach,  who is well on her way toward accomplishing her goal of completing a marathon in all 50 states.  And Trevor represents the more average (though quite accomplished) runner. This unique combination makes the show very relatable for anyone!  They do a great job of covering all manner of topics related to running in general, as well as those specific to running races.  I especially enjoy their “epic, world-famous race recaps” because it’s fun to hear the details of events in places that I’ll probably never get to visit.  I never tire of listening to this podcast!

I hope these books and podcasts recommendations are helpful to you! Please leave a comment below and share your favorite running related books and podcasts!

Favorite Resources for Runners

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  1. As a fellow runner, I really appreciate this info! Podcasts are such a good idea and I haven’t really tried them before, so thanks for pointing in the right direction and I’ll definitely check out the books you’ve mentioned. Luckily Amazon makes it easy to order 🙂

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